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Eckert Insurance Group is an independent insurance agency serving Austin, Texas since 1966. We provide assistance with home, auto, business and life insurance.

As your needs and circumstances change, we will help you switch to the right coverage from the right company at the right price. We have the technical wisdom and experience to help you worry less and live more with your insurance affairs well managed.

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Equipped with technical knowledge of insurance contracts and the insurance industry, Eckert Insurance Group can help you navigate the marketplace and be your advocate along the way.

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I’ve been a client of theirs for over 20 years.  There is a reason for that.  Great service.

– Jack Simpson

We have been with Eckert for 10 plus years, and they are top notch.  I would, and do, recommend them to family and friends.

– Janet King

I have been with Eckert Insurance for over 25 years including auto and home insurance.  Always a top notch job by them and a breeze to deal with!

– James Bryant

No long winded review here.  Eckert Insurance + Tracey = great service for my business.

– Jim Howe

I have been with Eckert for years!  Blanca has always taken good care of my friends and family.  They are a small business and know my name.  I feel confident that they will always do what best fits my needs with coverage.

– Melissa Ruiz
We Believe Preparation is Key
Property Protection

Prepare now to replace your home from sudden peril.

Home Insurance: Protect your physical assets from fire, wind, hail, theft, flood, and water damage with an insurance policy with adequate policy limits, quality coverages and an acceptable deductible.

To review an informative publication on homeowners insurance please visit Texas Department of Insurance. Helpful coverage comparison information is also found here at the Office of Public Insurance Council.

Lawsuit Protection

Prepare now for access to deep pockets in case you are sued.

Your activities and assets can expose you to a lawsuit from someone else. Many lawsuits or frivolous but must still be defended. Liability insurance in auto insurance and home insurance policies pay for the cost of a defense, and provides proceeds to pay for an out-of-court settlement or a court judgment against you. Your first line of defense should be high liability limits on your automobile and home insurance policies.

Umbrella Insurance is an extra layer of liability insurance above your auto and home insurance limits and an umbrella policy helps you in at least three ways: compensates the other party from your negligence, gives you peace of mind that you have provided a source of funds to repay those suffered from your negligence, and helps you to further protect your assets from awards or judgments.

Survivor Protection

Prepare now for your survivors in the event of an untimely death in the family.

If someone depends on you for support, chances are you probably need life insurance. If you were to die unexpectedly, consider your family’s need for immediate cash, as well as current and future income needs for support. To review an informative publication on life insurance visit the Office of Public Insurance Council.

The same low rates are available whether you buy from the Internet, through direct mail or through a local agent. We recommend that you contact us for help in making a purchase. Without sales pressure, we help you decide on a policy and guide you through the underwriting process. And we will be there to help your survivors should they ever need to collect.

Some important legal documents to help survivors include:

Wills: If you die without a will, your survivors will be required to use the default will provided by the State of Texas. There are many problems with using the State’s will, including tour property may not be distributed as desired, the judge may not declare the same administrator of your estate, or guardian for your children, as you would, and Trusts may not be set up for your children like you would want.

Guardians: If you don’t select a guardian for your children and something happens to you, the court will appoint one. And it may not be the person you would have chosen. You choice of a guardian for your children should be included as part of your will.

Trusts: Trusts allow you to realize your goals by fine tuning the transfer of your estate as you wish, while also saving you taxes.

Please call our office for referrals to local attorneys in helping you set up wills, guardians and trusts.

Medical Protection

Prepare now for large medical bills.

An injury or disease can be catastrophic to your finances without a strong health insurance policy in place. An excellent place to look for information on finding health insurance can be found at the State of Texas resource Texas Health Options.

In addition to medical bills, there are often large bills to pay when someone needs informal care to help with their daily activities of living. Health insurance and Medicare do not pay for this informal care which can last a long time. Long Term Care insurance exists to help people prepare for these potential bills and lessen the blow to their retirement funds. Two good sites for more information are Office of Public Insurance Council and Own Your Future Texas Long Term Care Partnership.

Important legal documents to have in place for medical emergencies are:

Living Will (Medical Directive): If your medical condition is terminal within six months, this legal instrument allows physicians to remove you from life support. Without this in place, your decisions may not be granted.

Power of Attorney for Health Care: This grants your family the ability to make medical decisions for you if you are unable to make them for yourself. This power can be made temporary.

Durable Power of Attorney: This allows a family member to make financial decisions for you if you are unable to make them for yourself. This power can also be made temporary and customized to fit your particular situation. Feel free to call our office for referrals to local attorneys in helping you set up legal medical documents.

Income Stream Protection

Prepare now for income to continue in the event of a disability.

Disability is often called a living death — although you can no longer work, you must still pay your living expenses. This is one of the most difficult positions to be in, and without insurance it is almost impossible to keep your finances intact.For information on disability insurance, visit

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