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Austin, TX
Austin, TX
Austin, TX

Austin-Friendly Since 1966

Eckert Insurance Group is an independent insurance agency serving Austin, Texas since 1966. We provide assistance with home, auto, business and life insurance.

As your needs and circumstances change, we will help you switch to the right coverage from the right company at the right price.

We have the technical wisdom and experience to help you worry less and live more with your insurance affairs well managed.

Eckert Home Insurance Austin Texas

7-Point Program to Guide Your Financial Future

The Eckert 7-Point Program provides a holistic view of the financial risks we face.

Use the Eckert 7-point program as a road map to help insulate you from dramatic swings in your finances.

Once your planning is in place, it is time to worry less and live more.

Eckert Home Insurance Austin Texas

Property Protection

Prepare now to replace your home from sudden peril.

Lawsuit Protection

Prepare now for access to deep pockets in case you are sued.

Survivor Protection

Prepare now for your survivors in the event of an untimely death in the family.

Medical Protection

Prepare now for large medical bills.

Income Stream Protection

Prepare now for income to continue in the event of a disability.

Retirement Funding

Grow your wealth now to maintain your lifestyle in retirement.

College Funding

Prepare now to see your kids through college.